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First Digital Roof Top Ads In Ethiopia..!

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Using DOOH (Digital Out Of Home Advertising) on the roofs of multiple ride-sharing vehicles with LED displays rest assured that your brand will get major street cred in the city.

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Stay tuned. More services are coming on the way. We are consistently working to introduce new technological tools to promote you.

Our Company

We sorted the first of its kind advertising in Ethiopia using rooftop ad screens to reach the whole city.

Roshan technology focuses on providing great things technology has to offer. We are consistently working to introduce new technological tools and services to ease lifestyle. Simplicity is our motto.

Clearly technology is inevitably involved in every aspect of our life. Among its many uses technology has currently become the most powerful promotional tool. Roshan technologies also focuses on digital promotion, advertising and branding using the latest technology. One of the promotional tools we use at Roshan Technology is known as taxi rooftop digital out of home advertising (DOOH)

Let’s Introduce Ourselves

Current Endeavor

 Roshan Technologies is engaged in assisting people with the adoption of constant evolution of technology for a better lifestyle. It is currently working on promotional services using the latest taxi rooftop digital out of home technology DOOH.

DOOH advertising signifies the digital media appearing in the environment accessible to the public.  It uses different ways to display the desired content including building billboards, malls streets, taxi rooftops and so on.

Mobile/taxi rooftop DOOH advertising helps get the message out there at any place and time, which means the ads will reach target customers at different locations within less amount of time while the other kinds of advertising are at a fixed location for long period of time. Roshan technologies provides taxi rooftop DOOH with the latest remotely controlled technology with the help of outstanding graphic designers and content management software controllers enabling better experience. We there stand by to be at your service.